Power Down!

Energy-saving measures are increasingly important. As we have more and more equipment that consumes power, it becomes increasingly important to use it efficiently. At JHACS, we take an integrated approach to power usage. For example, intelligent lighting design, the use of quality lamps and effective lighting control improve the quality of life, lower operating costs, and reduce environmental impacts. The same can be said of other power consuming activities: More efficient heating and cooling saves money and saves the planet. More efficient use of power means that a smaller generator can be used to automatically provide backup power, which has both a lower initial cost and a lower operating cost, as well as a lesser environmental effect. JHACS partners with other professionals to integrate designs for energy-savings into practical realities. Collectively, we can assist you and your family in weighing the costs versus the benefits, both in terms of monetary and life style changes, of steps you can implement to power down.

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