The professionals at JHACS are equipped to meet the electrical needs of every business type. Whether your business is small, medium or large, a retail store or professional office, profit or not-for-profit, the JHACS team has the expertise and resources to keep it powered up and operating efficiently.

Today's business environment is tough. While revenues continue to shrink, the costs of doing business continue to rise. Always keep in mind what Poor Richard advised: "A penny saved is a penny earned". In actuality, a penny saved is worth much more than a penny earned; you pay "taxes" of all sorts on the penny earned, so it's really worth a bit less than a penny. But a penny saved is worth the entire penny. Let the professionals at JHACS help reduce the overall electrical cost of doing business; from energy-saving measures to quality installations-all of which convert into long term savings. We have the test equipment to monitor and record, the expertise to evaluate and the ability to execute real cost savings that will improve your bottom line. Take Poor Richard's advice. Call us today at 516-773-8000.

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