Power Quality

Surge protection installed on the incoming utility power is essential given the diverse array of expensive equipment, such as computers, copiers, televisions, home theater receivers, and even most new appliances present in today's homes (think washers and dryers, ranges and ovens, refrigerators - are now computerized). All can fall victim to powerful surges from lightning storms, utility work, and electrical grid malfunctions. Individualized surge protection, in addition to utility power surge protection, is required for sensitive equipment like computers. Air conditioners and similar motor-type loads create internal electrical surges that are not corrected by surge protectors connected to the incoming utility power.

Even small, unnoticeable day-to-day electrical surges decrease equipment life and degrade reliability. If not addressed, failure of sensitive equipment and the spending of precious financial resources on replacements. The results of ignoring power quality issues soon become obvious. Let the professionals at JHACS assess your power quality issues and provide the necessary protection.

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